Thursday, November 2, 2017

Focused Sirens

How many of us have been woken up by sirens in the night that are miles away and have nothing to do with where you are. Instead of blasting the high pitch sound everywhere it should be more directional.

I believe some ways of doing this would be to:
- Control the shape of the siren horn
- Control the pitch based on distance and atmospheric conditions
- Control the volume

A camera/radar/lidar system can be used to look at distances in front of the emergency vehicle as well as where intersections are and turns ahead. When approaching an intersection the siren can increase the width of the horn/cone as well as volume and pitch.

Volume as well as the focus of the siren can also be increased for vehicles that are not paying attention or may have their radio too loud to notice the siren.

In addition a second siren could be installed to have a dual pitch with one being more focused in front of the emergency vehicle for even more power to alert vehicles in the direct path of the siren.

The concept is to still alert vehicles and pedestrians in the path of the emergency vehicles while minimizing sound pollution in the area. Especially at night when it is generally quiet and atmospheric conditions allow sound to travel further.

So much more sleep for people while still safely alerting those that an emergency vehicle is trying to get through.