Friday, August 25, 2017

Consolidated Billing

Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO Go, and so many more. So many have cut the cord but what about all these new bills. $12 a month, $10, $15, $20 now all of a sudden you are paying almost as much and you can't just simply select a channel or pay a single bill. FRAGMENTED!

Eventually Google TV, Apple TV, or someone will aggregate all these services together and make is super easy to browse through them but there is still the billing. Even if you set up an automatic payment with a credit card you still a lot more services to pay for individually.

How about a consolidated billing service. Here is how that might work.

You go to your favorite consolidated billing service provider and for this example let's call them

You set up an account on and then place checkboxes next to the services you want. So you select Cox, Amazon, Hulu, DirecTV, and Netflix.
Next you put in your billing information and your done. Within hours or even faster all these services will be set up under your email address and a password setup across all the accounts.

Now you can pay one bill, if your payment info changes you can change it in one place.

So why would these companies even want to associate with a service like this?
- All billing and billing customer service issues are resolved by
- The services would be paid on time all the time
- Contracts would be dealt with from the side
- Payment issues are resolved from the side
- If it is as easy as checking a box then more users are more likely to use a service

Why would a customer want to use this?
- A discount can be provided for signing up for multiple services
- Easy single checkbox to sign up
- All in one place account management as well as password resets
- One place to contact for all billing issues

Then to cover costs takes a few percent from the transactions just for being a "broker" to everything.

Could even consolidate basic support to remove burden of simple account issues, password resets, notification of service outages, etc.

This can work for just about any recurring service that you pay for including
- Cellular services
- TV/Cable/Satalite
- Internet providers
- Utilities/Electric/Water/Gas

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