Friday, June 25, 2010

Why Are We Not Seeing More Hydrogen/Electric Powerd Stuff?

I believe that the powers that be, government, corporations, etc. do NOT like hydrogen because anyone can make it. Just think if anyone can make a fuel that can power just about anything being made at home where it can't be taxed, rationed, or controlled in anyway how much power these "powers that be" would lose.

Just like an electric car, having a form of transportation that does not require a fuel that can be controlled and can be produced by anyone with solar or wind power. This is a loss of control for our government and the corporations producing power.
Some of the first cars used electricity and because gas was cheaper and easier to store, etc thus electric cars became a thing of the past. Now a thing of the future because that cheap energy source is not so cheap anymore.
There are lots of options coming out in the market place such as that has an output of up to 5,000 watts and uses the waste heat produced by the fuel cell to heat water in the house. The unit runs on Natural gas and have extremely low CO2 emissions even though a hydrocarbon is the energy source. This product may get backing from powerful industry leaders because it uses natural gas, but we will see.

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